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Interior Design Services Overview


  • Consultation


  • Needs Assessment

    • In order to complete a successful project, we like to gather information about your desires, needs and expectations through discussions, interviews and walk-throughs. We come to your home to measure, take photos and analyze the function of the space


  • Determine the use of existing furniture and what new furniture you will need


  • Space Planning and Product Specifications

    • Once we understand your goals and needs, we are able to create a space plan that includes the layout and specifications of all the components in your project to meet the demands of your space


  • Custom Product Development

    • Building custom sectionals and furniture

    • Special fabrics and finishes


  • Professional Selection of Furnishings, Finishes,  & Other Materials                                                                

    • Furniture

    • Lighting

    • Arts and accessories

    • Flooring

    • Fabric

    • Paint color

    • Hardware selection



  • Cost Estimating and Budgeting

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